City Lights

In 1987 William Pitt released City Lights via Sierra. As cool as a summer breeze and with all the right ingredients including Spanish guitar and hook riff this is a timeless slice of balearic pop is simply ace.


We are also partial to this edit from Alkalino

A Modern Day Balearic Classic




Teengirl Fantasy “Cheaters” (John Talabot Classic Vocal Mix)

NMTB is not just about looking back to reminisce, we can look forward in equal measures, dance music is about progression. Ibiza has changed over the years, quite considerably in the last 10, however the spirit of Balearic will last forever.  A good tune is a good tune, new or old, it can make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck, or give you a euphoric rush of blood to the head that makes you want to move your feet, jump about and DANCE. For me, this is one of those tunes. I first heard it an A Love From Outer Space a couple of years ago, Sean Johnston dropped it at around 5.30am – it was quite a moment. With a very similar sound to Ce Ce Rogers seminal classic “Someday”, John Talabot’s mix of Teengirls Fantasy’s “Cheaters” can definitely fit the title of “a modern day Balearic classic”


Cosmic Disco Vibes


Got sent this wee beauty today coming on Deep Site Recordings and had to post about it.

The whole EP has that sunkissed island feel we love. 4 tracks of quality summer house grooves from  Istanbuls ‘Sinan Kaya’. 

The title track What I Want and the remix encompass sweet keys, soulful jazz feeling and familiar vocal sample.

The remix sees Hungary’s superb artist, that is ‘Forteba’ (Plastic City/Ready Mix/Sol Recordings), who takes it to the cosmic psychedelic disco by way of pure dancefloor vibes. He just pips it for us!

Not much other info for you but something you’ll defo hear being played at our next free London party on the 30th August!


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Head and Shoulder (pads)



The PSB’s are responsible for so many hit records from the 80’s (and some from the 90’s), we could list 15 right here right now, they simply stood head and shoulder (pads) above everything else around them, and screamed “THIS IS LONDON” to the entire world. But this is the PSB for us, taken from their debut album “Please” and sounding as fresh as it did the day it was born – it could literally have been made yesterday. Fast reaching NMTB anthem status courtesy of our very own DJ EAMES, “Love Comes Quickly” makes the hairs stand up on the back of my neck…Balearic beauty personified.

We found this rather tasty rerub by Portuguese edit master Alkalino . It is also a FREE download! We love Free vibes – just like our parties. Details of our next FREE party below too.

Pet Shop Boys – Love Comes Quickly (Alkalino rework) FREE DOWNLOAD


THE most Balearic track we’ve ever heard!


Probably THE most Balearic track we’ve ever heard bizarrely comes from a bunch of hip & dapper 80’s Parisian monsieur’s. Sounding like The Gypsy Kings on Ecstasy, the flamenco guitar licks and screaming accordions are accompanied by a throbbing bass & a pounding kick, courtesy of none other than Mr. Guerilla himself – WILLIAM ORBIT. You can feel the Mediterranean hedonism coursing through its veins, this record was, and still is a staple part of the original Ibiza sound and features regularly with DJ’s Alfredo, Cesar de Melero and Nancy Noise. Expect to hear this around 1am on August 30…ESTA LOCA!!


Our next FREE party is August 30th in Balham, London with Michael Gray & Chewy Rubs! Details below:

NMTB Aug 15

The Who – Eminence Front (NeverMindTheBalearics Edit #1)

The Who – Eminence Front

NeverMindTheBalearics Edit #1 (NMTB Edit #1)


We have the pleasure in writing about the 1st in a series of re-edits we will be bringing you as a free download via our blog and facebook page, and this is an absolute stormer to kick things off.

Streetlife Stew explains ‘I’ve been into The Who for many years, however this track had completely passed me by, I’d never even heard it until very recently, when I popped into the NMTB studio and heard the finishing touches being applied to this very edit. Literally a few days later, I went to see The Who play at the 02, and 3 songs from the end, there it was again in all its original glory…and what an epic song it is. Lovingly extended and enhanced for the dancefloor by our very own Eames, along with friend of the gang J-Fuse. Just you wait for those Daltrey tones to drop….Phwoooar. Turn it up and enjoy the ride.’

This is available as a free download so grab it while you can and share to as many people as you wish! This is a slice of Never Mind The Balearics and the 1st in a series of cheeky but lovingly made NMTB Edits

Peace and love.


Gregory Porter Clap Your Hands!

Never Mind The Balearics is all about tracks old and new.

We love Classic Balearica as well as tracks that we feel will be future favs on the White Isle and Beyond.

Berlin based true deep housers Claptone’s remix of the awesome Gregory Porter is one of ‘those’ tunes! The Grammy award winning Jazz vocalist is probably one of the coolest people walking the planet and his vocals are just smooth as silk. Claptone’s jazz piano driven club take on Liquid Stranger perfectly straddles the house line building and dropping Gregory’s vocals with hip shaking effect.

A dead set floor filler.

We dropped this to an amazing response at our 1st NMTB FREE party on the bank holiday weekend just gone.

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Check out Claptone’s Clapcast:

Italo Balearic Disco bizniz


Tullio De Piscopo – Stop Bajon (Primavera) originally came out in 1994 on the legendary ZYX label outta Germany. Funk in genre and Disco in soul it is a major highlight of ’80’s disco club culture.


On the White Isle the summer’s of 87/88 saw hedonism reach it’s peak. It was all about the Italo Disco vibe and Primavera summed it up.

amnesia Amnesia88

Some say this is possibly THE best Balearic tune ever?

Definitely up there with the best and an absolute must for any Never Mind The Balearics playlist.

Songs for Life

This new NMTB post leads on nicely from our 1st (prob not last) Sir Wevvers mention and we’re pretty sure this isn’t going to be the only one we make for one of our fav electronic bands evs….. namely Leftfield.

Formed in London in 1989 Neil Barnes and Paul Daley produced some of the best electronic music in living memory, seminal track after seminal track sprung up in the early 90’s via their label Hard Hands culminating witg their never to be beaten debut long player – Leftism

Described by Mixmag as “the single most influential production team working in British dance music” they rate alongside The Chemicals Brothers as hugely influential for many artists and dance music fans alike.

Today’s featured track is ‘Song of Life’. This is one of those electronic house music tracks that defined a moment in time but still sounds as uplifting and epic today as it ever did.


A hugely massive production sound it blends a cool groove with a warm melodic perfection.

Featured here is the Extended Mix which comes in at an epic 11.20s. This mix is true to the original….It’s long but you just want it to keep going.

We must mention Sasha & Digweed’s SOng of Life Medley on The Renaissance Mix Collection 1. They took the Lemon Interupt, Dub for Life & Steppin Razor (Underworld) mixes and made their own mix! Classic!

Senor Weatherall! Wevvers, Numero Uno, The Chairman

The Chairman

The Chairman

Nope, Not having it. No No No No No. Forget about it. You can’t have a Balearics blog without of spot of Senor Weatherall! Wevvers, Numero Uno, The Chairman.

How have we even gone 2 weeks without him?

The man responsible for too many of my favourite tunes to mention, and our favourite DJ hands down.

This is an absolute belter, first appearing as part of the “Glider EP” on Creation in 1990. Take indie shoegaze rockers My Bloody Valentine’s rampant psyche wig out “Soon”, add some of Captain Andrew’s magic gold dust, and stomp your way to heaven and back via Boys Own at Venus. Balearic mate, well balearic.

My Bloody Valentine – Soon (Andrew Weatherall Remix)

and if you don’t agree, you can tell him…